Transforming Fear into Faith

From the Desk of C. Marie Phillips

Some people will never tell you the backstory to their faith, but I'm here to tell you that FAITH is what got me through! 

Despite who you see today, I've had many crying nights, thoughts of suicide, self sabotaging behaviors, and even attempted to take my own life in my roughest seasons because I felt I had no purpose. But God used those moments to remind me of who I was and refine me in the fire.  

The hardest moments were the moments I developed a deeper sensitivity to the voice of GOD and found a greater understanding in who I was in HIM. 

God literally transformed all my pain into purpose and shifted my fear and doubt into faith. He equipped me with a roadmap to  experience personal freedom and help others find peace, healing, and freedom in Him. 

So, if you're here today, I am excited to share this transformative life journey with you right now. I've been where you are  and I want to partner with you in your journey to freedom and faith in Christ Jesus. 

Its your time to  come from under the bondage of  mental stagnation, stress, low self esteem, and fear to experiencing emotional healing, mental growth, and inner transformation so that you can walk confidently in purpose to serve those you've been called to serve!

This Virtual Coaching Experience is for You, If:

  • You have a vision, but have become paralyzed by fear.

  • You've become comfortable in a familiar place, but you feel the need to break free.

  • You've limited yourself because of self limiting beliefs, negative thinking, and/or fear.

  • You have hit a brick wall, and you feel like God is the only way!

  • You struggle daily with stress, overwhelm, anxiety, obsessive thinking, or feeling out of control

  • You struggle with self-sabotaging behaviors and/or procrastination

  • You need accountability and encouragement to facilitate change.

What’s Included in Your Program

  • Weekly Group Coaching

    We meet up face-to-face (Google Meet) to work through each session. We will work through each stage of the transformation roadmap and engage in life altering techniques to shift you from fear to freedom.

  • Digital Transformation Library

    Gain access to wellness checklists, templates, worksheets, trackers, workbooks, and assessments for up to one year to track and improve your transformation experience.

  • Private Community

    Feeling like you haven’t quite found your people yet? Inside our program, there’s a lively community of incredible people who can share their individual journey with you, support you, offer feedback, and cheer you on along the way.

For Such a Time as This

"It's time to break the cycle of fear and to courageously pursue purpose outside of ones comfort zone, and embrace a life of God promises for you."

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Five Step Transformation Roadmap

  • Identify Barriers to Change

    We will discuss barriers inhibiting you from moving forward in the change cycle, and help you break past barriers associated with fear, rejection, self limiting beliefs, stress, and more.

  • Overcome The Peril of Fear

    We will further explore the damaging effects of fear, and how it can leave you hopeless and unfulfilled, and prepare to introduce you into a path of increased faith.

  • Build Your Faith

    We will discuss the significance of biblical based faith and its importance in your life, and discuss faith building strategies that open the door for you to receive the promises of God.

  • Understand The Promises of God

    We will discuss the promises of God for his people related to his purpose, ones identity in Christ Jesus, spiritual gifting's and callings, and gain insight into the heart and mind of God.

  • Pursue Purpose Boldly

    We will discuss and plan how you will actively impact the lives of those you've been called to serve over the next 3 to 6 months through Goal Setting.

Its Your Time Now

"A year from now, you will wish, you had started today!"

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Hybrid Program Launches August 2021

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